Monday, April 13, 2009

Mobile Blogging a Flipchart

Snowdrop web butik Could you ever imagine a normal human being making / creating a mobile blog about a flip chart?

I'm doing that know. This drawing was made several years ago when we started to build a web shop for Snowdrop.

The process started in the spring of 2006.

What makes this "big news" now?

Our collaboration has continued and new departments to the store has been added.

The old notes and drawings do bring some new elements to the creative process. We don't need to run for new things and themes all the time.

That's a part of the learning...

Reflecting upon the old leads to a deeper learning of what actaully happened. Life is a continuous process and so is life long learning.

Much more has taken place during these years. The completed shop was finalized by Olli while he studied in France, at the Technical University of Troyes.

Now, he has finalized the technical parts of the GNLD-version a week before Easter. There are still some things to be done, but Alf has also been doing a lot during the past three years.

I'll write more about the organizational changes in an upcoming blog.

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