Saturday, November 29, 2008

SouthAsiaBiz - Doing business in South Asia

I got this news today. It looks like Know More Media is about to shut down. The last posting was from November 21, 2008. What happened?

SouthAsiaBiz - Doing business in South Asia: "End of Know More Media: For the Time Being
Mehdi Hassan July 31, 2008 | Know More: blogging

First of all, like other fellow Know More Media bloggers, I am also very upset that Know More Media is shutting down. I am one of those few fortunate people who, in the beginning of his career, got the opportunity to work with such a great blog network. I really enjoyed my time here. Know More Media was a very good network and it is people like Dan Smith, Easton Ellsworth, Kimberlee Morrison, who made Know More Media a great network. I became very upset when I first got the mail from Dan Smith. Know More Media is my first job as a full time blogger and I enjoyed it very much.

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I wish Dan, Kimberlee, Easton, and all the fellow bloggers of Know More Media, best of luck.

I am not quitting blogging. In fact, I will be posting in this blog (SouthAsiaBiz) on an irregular basis. I have joined in another blog related South Asia. Its url is:


So, visit me there for updates about South Asia."

I've to get a personal comment from the writers. Our friendship started this Visual Radio blog. What happened? Razib Ahmed writes about it below:

Razib Ahmed July 31, 2008 | Know More: blogging Blog, Dan Smith, SouthAsiaBiz

I hope that you already know that Know More Media is going out of business from tomorrow. I have been in Know More Media since 22 March 2006. So, it is 28 months. Yes, I have written entries for that time here. I have received generous compensation and even more generous support from the owners of Know More Media and the publishing team. I like to pay my tribute to Dan Smith, General Manager of Know More Media.
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