Monday, November 19, 2007

New Media Camp and Videoblogs

New Media Camp: "Sometimes, people ask me what gear I use to create a videoblog. For the most part, the stuff you already own is pretty good.

But let's pretend you're going to run out and buy some new stuff to create videoblogs. I'll tell you what I've got, give you some variations on the theme, and we can discuss other people's setups in the comments section.

Sound good? My Computer: A MacBook- I have a dual core Intel Macbook. Not the pro. Just a Macbook. This has proven to be strong enough to handle my video needs.

I am a Mac guy. I've used Macs, PCs, and Linux boxes for decades, but my heart belongs to Apple. Why? Easy. They're easy."

Helge: I learned more about Michael Bailey yesterday as we twittered about clean and green tech environments. I've some things in my mind but need to check out the interest.


Greetings all, Michael Bailey here, aka MobaMan.

This morning, Friday, April 27th, 2007, I was reading a blog post written by Christopher Penn and his call to action struck a chord with me.

Christopher said, among other things, that

"The time has come to make use of our powers.

If you believe, as I do, that everyone who picks up a microphone or camera, is a rockstar and superhero in waiting, now is the time for us to unleash our powers as fully as we can on the world.

Produce media, gather audience, gain mindshare, and let new voices be heard.

The PodCamp UnConference series is a good start to this, but there’s more to be done, more to share with the world."

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