Monday, August 13, 2007

The Opinions of a Loud Mouth Man

Helge: Just added me to Twitter. His Aboout: "In 1982 during the Falklands War my Father in a letter home, whilst serving on board the Hermes , suggested that we buy for me a ZX81 ( we spent forever trying to decipher 2×81 ). My Father created in me a passion for maths, technical problems and getting things done. Many years later and a involvement in the Linux and Open Source community ( due in part to the encouragemnt of Andrew Hollingsworth and Damien (Murff ) Murphy ) leads me to now being a strong supporter and proponent of free and open source software today . I'm 30 something ( as of 2006 ) Married with one Daughter. Currently ive been enticed into Blogging and since it means it keeps my own local wiki up to date I dont mind so much!"

The Opinions of a Loud Mouth Man: "Voting with your Feet. Ive mentioned before about the interesting and useful new stuff I keep learning within the social networks to which I belong. Today was one of thos “Genius” moments where in I see something that makes me sit up and say “Damn Right!”. The story behind this discovery of this particular image is that my online friend ( a new distinction in our society I feel ) Susan Reynolds posted the image from Chris Pirillos flickr stream. In the comments on Flickr Raines points out that it was “Kaliya Hamlin (aka IdentityWoman)” who wrote it as part of Ungomecamp and its an organisational principle of Open Space Technology Format . I think it sums up quite a bit of how I feel somedays especially when I am looking for ways to improve any community in an attempt to see it flourish and grow. Thanks for reading"
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