Friday, November 10, 2006

What happens to Web 2.0 companies?

Web 2.0 entrepreneurs can and do start companies for relatively small sums compared to the tens of millions doled out during the dot-com boom days.

Analysts think that the crashes won't hurt as many. This is a boom that doesn't have a big impact in Europe. The European Web 2.0 scene is silent. Skype has already moved over to the eBay area.

Finnish companies are too concentrated around everything mobile, so the Web 2.0 bubble talk doesn't have any bearing here. We're using Web 2.0 applications to add productivity and reach of our knowledge work. Web 2.0 has made our life easier. We can do more with less time. We can reach more people on a global scale with much less effort. The time-shift effect does have some meaning for us.
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