Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mobile Television Finland

The French owned Digita Oy is buildning a Mobile Television Network. Tampere, the second largest city of Finland, has decided to stay outside the mobile network that will start its operations December 1, 2006. The first step will cover 25 % of the nations population. Digita has promised to extend the network to cover 40 % of the population by 2007.
  1. The Helsinki Region
  2. Turku
  3. Oulu
Nobody knows about the content that will be distributed or broadcasted. The point is that viewers can get television programs to their smart phone mobile handsets. The concept can be compared to traditional tv-broadcasting. Every body gets the same programs to their mobile phones.

The technology is called dvb-h, standing for "digital video broadcasting - handheld". "Next year," according to Digita, "the mobile viewers can see all the main channels on their small screen handsets. Next year some pay-channels will be included as well."
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