Friday, May 05, 2017

Writing the book K2020

The process of writing a novel takes many steps and turns. I make notes, take photographs, draw pictures before I sit down in front of my computer to empty my SLR, smart phone and Android tablet.

Take a look at the picture. Anything could happen here between now and the coming three years. Action packed, heartfelt suspense novel masterfully created by a Mystery Storyteller.

I'm fooling around with ideas and unexpected turns to support the creative process. The search about being unique and accepting others' uniqueness. This contains everything you need to know about traveling from prototyping to the launch of innovations.

Follow the fear, dive into a world of black-mail, high-level corruption and mystification of wheeling and dealing in business. Create an unforgettable novel, a love story and a esoteric dream, all walled into one.

A smart and resourceful heroine and intrigue in the City of Dark Energy and Powerful Lights. Read this fast moving story of fascinating and empowered innovators.

Take a breath, it's a truly different traveling book which will have you laughing on every page. The story is fiction, based on real persons and events. I want to create a wonderfully rhyming story illustrating a lifetime in the back-woods of Finland.

The drama and suspense has you on the edge of your seat. A pleasant lifestyle is just a quick read away. Get the advice and the body of content you deserve. 

Interwoven tales of science fiction and horror take you to unimaginable places around the globe. By the end of it, lives will change forever.

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