Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ligna 2015 is over

We returned back home May 22, 2015 from Hannover via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Ligna provided us with an impressive set of new and valuable information. The Baltic Sea round-trip did give us necessary added value about the economic climate along the road.

We're writing about the mechanical wood working industry for several months. Special reports are also delivered through printed media at a later time.

KK-Net spent eight days in Germany. Our mobile office and publishing platform was established at a cozy hotel in Celle. Everything worked fine, but the hours of the days limited our chances to tell everything at once.

Ligna 2015 is for us an investigative reporting project and we're spending quite a lot of time to dig into the available information and combining it with new stuff appearing through Internet research, Data mining and Interviews.

Our reports will be available in Finnish, English and Swedish languages. Please, have some patience, everything will not be available at once -- it will take months to get all the points of view and different themes written and distributed.

Stay tuned to this channel. There'll be country reports as well. Time will tell the final result.

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