Monday, July 15, 2013

Addicted to delivering sustainable solutions to complex problems

He was waiting impatiently for the elevator at the street level lobby. The man couldn’t restrain a smile. Time is money, but sometimes it takes some time to get the dollars rolling.

He was blessed with the kind of industrial client most automation specialists dream about: a energy utility company addicted to the search for better automation solutions.

Up we go! He stepped out at the sixty-ninth floor. The elevator doors closed behind him, and a minute later he entered the domains of the Regional Energy Corporation.


Eleven years ago almost to the day, he got involved in the Digital Villages development. Now, some influential people in Dallas wanted to know more about his newest venture.

Still, it was a great mystery that the national development authorities didn’t grasp the importance of DV 2004.

No hard feelings, innovative concepts are always difficult to grasp and understand. Now, this part of the evolution is nostalgic history. 

He was visiting the new continent to make money.

The receptionist picked up her phone. Their meeting had been confirmed. Twenty thousand lawyers in Dallas and now he was pretty close to strike a major deal with this one. Great!

He walked through the reception area and down a gallery and headed to the showroom filled with the latest innovations from his company’s portfolio. 

He’d some spare time to stand there and enjoy the panoramic view of Dallas; gaze out on the city and breathe in and think.

A concrete-and-steel landscape as far as the eye could see, all the way to the brown haze of pollution that perpetually surrounded the city.

One of his partners told him about Dallas ranking as the ugliest major city in America.

  • No Central Park
  • No Rocky Mountains
  • No Miami Beach
  • No Wonderful Weather

Other than women, Dallas has no natural beauty whatsoever.  Okay, there were great restaurants, good food, and entertainment.

Nevertheless, no ocean or lake or water of any kind except the Trinity River running west of downtown, used for decades as a natural sewage system and today as a big drainage ditch.

All Dallas has is a white X on Elm Street marking, the exact spot where an American president was killed.

The Main Street District of downtown Dallas, Texas (USA) runs along Main Street and is bounded by Lamar Street, Elm Street,the US 75/I-45 (I-345) elevated highway and Commerce Street. The district is the spine of downtown Dallas, and connects many of the adjoining business and entertainment districts.

Those who live in Dallas, don’t bother, they are there to make a lot of money fast.

Let me tell more in the next posting.

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