Thursday, August 09, 2012

Year 2007 in Loviisa – Southern Finland

bioenergy_16.6.2007b 086We were working out of our office in Southern Finland. There was no shortage of blog-topics-to-write-about, but Irja and myself were already thinking about a permanent return to Jatahovi in Sotkamo.

I do have close to 70 000 pictures on my hard-disk inspiring blog topics that will surely eliminate the excuse of not having anything to write about.

There are absolutely blogging ideas worth writing about besides Fitness, Marketing and Celebrity Gossip.

There are thousands of things to write about, but that doesn’t mean all those ideas are pure gold. Some topics will be more popular than others. 

Loviisa was my hometown at that time. There was a lobby working for and against the a third Nuclear Power Plant to Svartholmen in Loviisa.

I was struggling to take a position. Millions of things are against nuclear power stations, but on the other hand, people love to have a smaller energy bill.

To this date, I’m not sure who is right or wrong. Two new nuclear power plants will be built in the coming years if the Olkiluoto III ever gets completed.

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