Friday, August 24, 2012

Nokia is still in business


My alarm clock wakes me up at 7 am and I try to analyze the meaning of my dream. Nokia is still in the business of mobile phones but not in computers. The upcoming Apple iPhone 5 launch doesn't gather the same amount of attention as it did 2007. The average pocket computer user is moving towards Androids.  Samsung is Nokia’s biggest challenger!

Nevertheless, Apple is the most valuable company on the earth; the cream of the cream!

While some of the national commentators comfort me and Nokia shareholders by saying that we shouldn't worry about the future of our mobile giant not being number one on the globe: stop worrying, there’re promising start-ups waiting for attention.

They mention Early Birds, Angry Birds, Proomu, Lotja, Ruuhi… and Jolla. Let’s pray for the Meegos!

The analysts also reveal that we should enjoy the reality that Nokia being third in the game is not such a bad thing: there are still users going for the next best thing… and the third choice in the row. Game Over hasn’t been announced yet.

Personally, I'm not disturbed by this. On the contrary, I still feel there's a miniscule possibility for a comeback. Nokia is smaller, probably more flexible, but most people think Microsoft is the wolf that is going to eat the sheep when life gets ruff.

Besides, analysts are also saying, it's not the number of smart phones delivered that counts, it's whether Nokia will ever get to the heart to any of those clients using its technology. 

Let me know, who knows where the market is moving during the next 24 months. I don’t. A lot depends on what the three leaders are doing before Christmas 2012.

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