Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vuokatti today

Vuokatti today
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Vuokatti today. I was spending my afternoon in Vuokatti. I read an old Newsweek magazine while sipping on a cup of coffee. Are we going to have snow here in the coming years as it used to be for a very long time?

Someday, all the fossil fuels that used to be in the ground will be burned. After that, in about an millenium, the earth will dissolve most of the resulting carbon dioxide into the oceans. The oceans have dissolved in them 40 times more carbon than the atmosphere contains, a total of 30 trillion tons, or 30 times the world's coal reserves.

Robert B. Laughlin says, "On the scales of time relevant to itself, the earth doesn't care about any of these governments or their legislations...".

Damaging the earth is, Laughling says, "easier to imagine than it's to accomplish."

Looks like the talk about Global Warming is cooling down and "new truths" about the survival of the earth are surfacing.
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