Friday, December 09, 2011

Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy
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Bologna, Italy. Back in Finland and trying to find out the idea of RCM from Wikipedia:

The methdod offers specific criteria to use when selecting a risk management strategy for a system that presents a specific risk when it fails.

Some are technical in nature. Others are goal-oriented. The criteria are often presented in the form of a decision-logic diagram, though this is not intrinsic to the nature of the process.

Identification of Safety Critical Elements (SCE) and maintaining associated pre defined performance standards is the foundation of asset integrity management.

The RCM process described in the DOD/UAL report recognized three principal risks from equipment failures: threats
  • to safety,
  • to operations, and
  • to the maintenance budget.
Modern RCM gives threats to the environment a separate classification, though most forms manage them in the same way as threats to safety.

RCM offers four principal options among the risk management strategies:
  • on-condition maintenance tasks,
  • scheduled restoration or discard maintenance tasks,
  • failure-finding maintenance tasks, and
  • one-time changes to the "system" (changes to hardware design, to operations, or to other things).

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