Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Intelligent machines the future of mechanical engineering

pariisissaeiffel_388 We have an Intelligent Machines collaborative and networking cluster program operating in Finland.  I’m reading a publication that gives an overview of Finnish expertise in mechanical engineering and its diversity.

Finnish mechanical engineering has a number of world class areas, and we have strong companies such as Konecranes, ABB, Wartsila and Metso. In addition, we have a strong work machine cluster and an advanced operations support network between the main contractor and sub-contracting activities.

- We have excellent international success stories in this field – and more is yet to come, says Toni Sulameri, Vice President, Hermia Oy.

Physical and Intelligent machines are needed, regardless of the changes in economic trends in the production and transport of different kinds of commodities, even though ICT and virtual technology have been developing strongly.

Energy producing machines and appliances are needed to operate the machines. New technologies help to avoid overload situations, optimize a journey, allowing safe operation of machines and optimizing energy use.

Machines using sensory devices can work independently and release people from carrying out potentially dangerous tasks. Intelligent machines may also work smoothly alongside people.

Our expertise in research and product development guarantees that machines are going to be even more intelligent in the future. The most challenging goals are to take steps towards internationalization and the development concepts for SMS-sized enterprises.

  • intensified utilization of mechanical engineering
  • greater technological expertise and rapid response to customer needs
  • the service industry is growing as a part of machinery exports
  • new technologies can be applied to transform traditional industries
  • knowledge-based sectors are invited to crowd source and collaborate for new solutions
  • low energy consumption and activity based costing should guide research and development
  • minimizing environmental impacts: green machines that are increasingly electric or hybrid-powered
  • emphasis should be placed on ease of use, UI, human-machine-interaction
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