Monday, October 18, 2010

Had Apple Announced The Nokia N8 | Mobile RnR

Had Apple Announced The Nokia N8 | Mobile RnR: "Whether you’ve been following the mobile industry for two days or two decades, a few observations should be quite obvious to you, the first of which is how much Apple, and Steve Jobs more specifically, excel at keynote announcements in comparison to any other manufacturer. The second observation is that no matter how good a device Nokia can produce, they never seem to get it right when it comes down to introducing it to the press.

In an Utopian world, somewhere far far away, let’s suppose that you could combine Steve Jobs’ keynote prowess with Nokia’s N8 product, and see the stellar event that would have transpired.

– Lähetetty Google-työkalupalkin välityksellä"

Helge: This is a great virtual presentation. Nokia is big, big, big, but not small enough to make the headlines.
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