Monday, August 16, 2010

The vision of a new world order

Who is going to give me a ride to the second life or to an exclusive virtual reality? To be honest, I don't even know how to get started with my first one.

First, we've a meeting with wicked personalities on the ride back home from a party. You say, "Nothing important for a businessman".

The woman in the picture didn't know what happened. Don't blame her. This is post-modern poetry. She doesn't even understand the contemporary. What's modern?

He was ambitious and had plenty of resources. People around him didn't take notice of his talents. We're so focused on global brands and famous people: the average man does never hit the headlines. The media is the message but in a very stupid way.

What's wrong with the fucking vehicle? In the middle of night at the cross-roads; nobody moving either east or west.

How big investments? Are we sure about the heating system and the ventilation system? Right, the plan is great but does the real thing meet the expectations?

Don't giggle, the city is sleeping and waiting for the next move. The global economy is recovering and we have the resources for a renewal.

Hello, are you ready? Life continues from crisis to crisis. Don't worry, we can do it alright. Take a look at the stars.

Tomorrow, the sun is shining and we can recover some energy and use water as a storage.
Great ideas are all around us, we just have to grasp them. Rocket scientists are reaching for the stars. Still some things to do on the globe.
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