Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What do I know about business and corporate blogging in Estonia?

maj11_2010 077 The good, the bad and the ugly: Meelis Mandel, Editor in Chief, Äripäev Meelis chooses some Estonian business blogs and says what's good or bad about them in his opinion.

Hello folks! We’ve less than one hundred kilometers in distance between Tallinn and Helsinki. The birds can travel this distance very easy but how well do we know the blogosphere and business practices in our neighboring countries?

It very quickly occurs to me that that the Finnish bay is much thicker borderline than we tend to think. Estonian businesses is a big question mark for me. Tourism is one of the areas where people know a few brands. The same goes for liquor, beer and some household products.

It seems like we still live a very separated lives within our national economies. How could that be changed with Web 2.0, social media, blogs and microblogs? We’ve the tools but there has to be some common areas of interest before we start to connect. 

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