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Who’s using Apple products? - Holy Kaw!

Who’s using Apple products? - Holy Kaw!: "Holy Kaw! All the topics that interest us
Who’s using Apple products? Posted Apr 22nd, 2010 at 7:29 AM

Who lined up to nab the iPad first and where will you find the most devoted Apple fanboys? Look no further than the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area to spot the biggest Apple enthusiasts in the nation. Eh, not much of a surprise.

New data from Experian Simmons reveals the cities that purchase Apple products the most. So who’s jamming out to iPods and typing away on Macs the second most? None other than Bostonians.

Here’s the full list of the top ten markets for Apple fanatics:

10. Las Vegas, NV

9. Santa Barbara-Santa Marina-San Luis Obispo, CA

8. Monterey-Salinas, CA

7. Denver, CO

6. Chicago, IL

5. Washington D.C.

4. New York, NY

3. San Diego, CA

2. Boston, MA

1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

Full story at Huffington Post."
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