Saturday, January 02, 2010

The sixties and the baby boomers and the present crisis

E71_07.11.2009_Loviisa 021Having dreams is fine, and there is certainly a place for dreamers.

A lot has changed since 1968. As the years passed and I accumulated my own experience and wisdom, I still continued to dream for better times, goods and services. Even about a better world.

Forty one years later, I and my friends got good educations and good jobs.  We raised well-educated, hard working kids. But we’re facing new problems. The economic crisis is forcing Finland into a new era of innovation and restructuring of its industrial base.

We have made this country a sitting duck for the hungrier an much more hard-working hordes of ambitious capitalists in China and India who are destined to bury us with cheap goods and software for our computers and hardware.

Not only have we made our self uncompetitive economically, we've also made us too stupid, careless, and lazy to compete with all our might for our very survival. But I’m still a dreamer and hope that we can make a change like we did after the big economical downturn 1992.

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