Thursday, October 08, 2009

Gravity - The Best Business Example of Google Wave, Period! | Google Wave Blogger

Got into this through FriendFeed. I guess, it's time for me to return back to the global discussion. Too mucn national intrigue lately. I'm fedup. But Google Wave is a new thing. How can I get an invitation?

Gravity - The Best Business Example of Google Wave, Period! | Google Wave Blogger: "Gravity – The Best Business Example of Google Wave, Period! October 7, 2009 by Google Wave Blogger · 5 Comments

I watched this video of Gravity and was simply blown away. This is the best example I have seen, to date, of what Google Wave is.Clearly, what it is not is a replacement for this and that (Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc). What it is, is the most awesome business collaboration tool ever developed! It is basically Web 2.0 for business…finally, BTW.

I have taken this description of Gravity right from their site and it reads as such:

Gravity is a prototype developed by SAP Research in Brisbane, Australia and SAP NetWeaver Development providing real-time, cloud-based collaborative business process modelling within Google Wave. We have embedded Gravity as a Google Wave “gadget” that can be added within the Google Wave client. Leveraging the collaborative features of Google Wave, all business process modelling activities get propagated in near real-time to all other participants of the Wave. In addition, participants of the Wave can use all other features provided by Google and its developer community to enrich the collaborative modelling experience.

Now watch this video. After you will understand the unbelievable power/promise that Google Wave can bring to the business world. I say again, it is not for somebody who has 25,000 followers. It is for serious folks trying to do real world problem solving via collaboration…i.e the grown-up side of Web 2.0."
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