Saturday, April 25, 2009

Working on What is Going On


The recession isn't over yet. Now, it's a good time to get working with "the new". Innovations are needed more than ever to take companies and nations out from the recession.

Wait and see doesn't work when the new world order emerges. First, we really need to know, "what's going on?"

Most people think and hope that we'll land back to normal within a few months. I'm not sure about that this dreamland vision will come true.

New products, services and business models have to be created. The mighty Nokia has to make plenty of new moves to become competitive. Our stagnating Forestry industry has to make bold moves to survive the looming disaster; not all of them, but a few. Mergers are in the pipeline.

The small businesses are facing a new tomorrow as well and have to learn how to compete for local orders in a global economy.

The small guy has to learn the global play, to stay alive locally. The disaster hasn't hit the streets yet, except in the periferic tourist villages.

Things aren't business as usual in Levi and Ylläs anymore. We're going to hear trouble reports from many other destinations with too much hotel room capacity, silent restaurants, and empty tourist village shops.

Those with big loans will be hit hardest.

Written with E71, so there might be typo errors. I'll check with laptop tomorrow.

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