Sunday, April 19, 2009

Digital Displays

There's endless speculation about how Twitter will make money - and when. I've been wondering, how long it will take to make the Future Store Concept to a money machine.

What about combining Virtual and Real to something that helps to create more compelling shops with more products and services in smaller space. Let's give the "nano" a thought.

Steve Rubel writes in his blog Micro Persuasion: "The brief history of online communities (all 15 years worth) informs us that it's virtually impossible to make money around them. No one has been able to build a sustainable business doing so that has lasted more than five years. The reason is, people online are fickle. We come and go. This is why I wrote that Twitter is peaking - at least as far as in its ability to grow users."

The shops could be open night and day. Some of them could be fully automated.
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