Sunday, November 16, 2008

Social Marketing

I got this information to my Facebook. Social marketing really involves just two activities:

  1. Personal interaction: building relationships through messages, writing on walls, emails etc

  2. Content creation (and content sharing): notes, video, blog posts, photos, comments, etc
"The people that start, participate and contribute value to conversations are the ones who build solid relationships and attract more opportunities into their life…," writes Glen Croiser.

Glen continues: "I've noticed that discussions can quickly fizzle out."

  1. Idea Pioneers– These are people who start a discussion in a group or post a note. These are the content creators.

  2. Topic Builders – These guys take ideas put forward by the pioneer and add to the points made, maybe introducing new topics into the discussion.

  3. Linkers– This is a vital role People can carry out this role when they may not have any new insights into the topic being discussed but they add value by simply acknowledging the contribution of others, asking questions and “linking” the conversation – the most effective linkers will attempt to give the “idea pioneer” or the “topic builder” further opportunity to come back into the conversation.

  4. Artists – These are usually creative people that seem to be able to make contributions that entertain, acknowledge the value of the conversational process. Sometimes the contributions of the “artists” are almost poetic.

In terms of how this links to a group or community, these roles are dependent on each other.
This is crucial.

With social media, idea pioneers NEED topic builders, linkers, and artists to move their ideas forward. Artists need linkers and topic builders to keep the conversation going so they can contribute their own creative expression, and so on…

Of course, these are just labels to help us think about what could be happening. I’m sure there are many more roles and crossover points…

Learned this while scrolling my Facebook Notes.
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