Thursday, November 06, 2008

Martin Canchola » Blog Archive » Podcasting is The American Dream

Martin is podcasting the American Dream. Martin Canhola is a Digital Native Ready For The New Media Revolution…

Martin Canchola » Blog Archive » Podcasting is The American Dream: "A podcast is defined as an online radio setup to an RSS feed that updates automatically to it’s subscribers. It also provides links to sound or video files that can be downloaded and watched or listened to by the subscriber.The podcast is intended to be, the free distribution ofinformation.

The credibility and reconition that is associated with the term in order to boost their own popularity. On the other hand, the podcast may be where the rest of the industry is headed. Although the technology was first adopted by independent media groups that enjoyed it because of the low cost of distribution and the close possible ties to end users, that may change when podcasting becomes a wider phenomenon. If podcasting is adopted by more mainstream and/or corporate entities, then the face of podcasting is likely to change to one where a profit plan is required.

The advantage of podcasting is direct distribution of the media files to the user’s home computer quickly and easily and is not lost if the system moves to one revolving around profit. As much as locked media files that restrict distribution may be pointless to free information junkies that currently dominate podcasting, however there is little to stop those who want to use the system to make a profit from doing so."
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