Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rolls-Royce Still Thriving - Luxist

Some people still have a lot of money. The shorte quote below tells that Rolls-Royce is still going strong. Sales is up and growing. India seems to be an important market.

Rolls-Royce Still Thriving - Luxist: "One company that doesn't seem to have felt the financial pinch yet is Rolls-Royce. The luxury car company delivered 129 vehicles in September, which is up 7.5% over last year bringing total deliveries since the start of the year to 827. Rolls-Royce cites emerging economies including India as their strongest markets. The company hasn't released details on how many current orders it has but has said it remains confident about the future. The next move is the plan for the 'baby' Rolls known as the RR4 which will be available in 2010. The push to bring car deliveries up to close to 2,000 by then has necessitated the creation of 200 additional jobs at the factory at Goodwood, East Sussex."
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