Friday, September 26, 2008

Android: It’s not about Sex, Excitement, or Cool | Tech Broiler |

Android isn't clear for me yet. I'll blog about it to learn more. The writer of the below story asks, "Do you want Sex and Excitement on your mobile device or do you just want the damn thing to work as promised and provide you with ubiquitous access to your important mobile data and services?"

Android: It’s not about Sex, Excitement, or Cool | Tech Broiler | "Sex? Excitement? Cool? We are talking about digital convergence devices, not a week on tour in Amsterdam with Gene Simmons and his roadie crew. That this industry is so preoccupied with how “cool” or “sexy” a piece of electronics is rather than its value-added features or its price and performance ratio when compared to other devices is insane.

I will hand it to Apple that right now, they have the best handheld device on the market. That is, of course, if you can excuse the fact that their Infineon 3G chipset and has more bugs in it than a taco stand in downtown Tijuana and because of a number of problems with the firmware and the iPhone 2.0 software you’ll still be defaulting to the slower EDGE network in some of most 3G dense areas in the country. And I digress — their application store is second to none, if you can excuse Apple’s capriciousness of what applications they allow to be sold in their online store and desire for total control."

Helge: I've to continue on the Android learning curve.
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