Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will Video Work For Business?

Will Video Work For Business?: "Have you considered what video could do for your business? In what ways could you adapt the use of video to promote your business? Equipment for recording web quality video is affordable and with sites like UStream and Mogulus you can even stream live video for free.

I [Michelle] have a few suggestions for ways you could use video on the web:
  • Message from the owner
  • Tour of your showroom
  • Individual product videos
  • Weekly video newsletters
  • Frequently asked question replies
  • Product instructions
  • Behind the scenes look at your business
  • Video Coupon
  • Video Deal of the Week
  • So how do you set that up?

About Michelle Chance-Sangthong
Web Strategy Maven

When a transportation business with annual sales of $200 million lost its webmaster, management asked Michelle Chance-Sangthong to fill the slot. Although Michelle had absolutely no Internet experience beyond her AOL e-mail account, she turned out to be a chance worth taking. Michelle learned fast, during her employment developed and managed more than 17 different websites, applying web marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click strategies.

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