Friday, July 11, 2008

Public Relations Phoenix Arizona - Marketing Agency Phoenix Arizona - Amanda Vega Consulting

Hi Amanda Vega, I learned about your consulting service through your comment to the previous posting and found Information about your company at your web page:

"Public Relations Phoenix Arizona - Marketing Agency Phoenix Arizona - Amanda Vega Consulting: Amanda Vega Consulting is a full-service agency that provides a myriad of web site development, marketing, advertising, and public relations services for its clients with an emphasis on how technology and specifically the web plays a key role in most successful integrated marketing plans. Founded by a 16 year online veteran who began as one of the first employees of AOL, Amanda Vega now has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as New York City and ties in China.

Helge: The Web plays a key role, I agree.

Our team is widely known as one of the top web development providers and noted as one of the best search engine and interactive marketing firms in the country. Our firm also offers clients other related services including public relations, advertising, and media buying, using both online and traditional. In addition, we have recently added a division which handles procurement of promotional products and materials, as well as event planning services.

Helge: In addition to search, what?

One of the interesting aspects of our agency is that we offer direct services to clients, as well as frequently working in conjunction with other marketing firms and advertising agencies as colleagues to assist with delivery of a complete solution for their clients."

Helge: Working together in conjunction with other marketing firms. Good to know.
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