Friday, May 16, 2008

Myanmar -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l

Myanmar -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l: "Myanmar. Habitat homeowners Thein Aung (husband, not present) and Daw Soe Tint and their four daughters used to live mainly in the garage and another small room, while the rest of the house was occupied by members of their extended family. There were 18 people total living in the house.

Habitat for Humanity is exploring ways to help families recover from the damage inflicted by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008. Because of Myanmar’s military junta, it is difficult for United States citizens to visit the country – and it is also difficult for international aid groups to help within Myanmar’s borders. Nevertheless, Habitat is committed to helping the citizens of Myanmar. Habitat is currently assembling a technical team to partner with other organizations in support of long-term shelter and reconstruction efforts.

Myanmar has a population of some 48 million, though new estimates are considerably lower due to the death toll in Cyclone Nargis, as well as the effect of HIV/AIDS. According to World Bank estimates, approximately one in four households live below the poverty line. More than 1 million people were left homeless after the 2008 cyclone, with several village destroyed entirely.

To contribute to the rebuilding effort, visit our Myanmar donations page."

I got this invitation through Facebook.
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