Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Building Your Communication Channel

In a global city, where the pace of commerce is driven by cutting edge information and communication technology, Singapore aims to strengthen its position as major "infocom and media hub" (ICM).
  • Information
  • Communication
  • Media
The country's ICM cluster dominates as one of the largest contributors of investment commitment among the services industry. The aim is to foster innovation, experimentation and collaboration in the infocom and media arenas.
  1. Develop a state-of-the-art media city
  2. Position Singapore as a media exchange
  3. Exporting content "made in Singapore"
  4. Augment the media talent pool
  5. Foster a conducive regulatory environment and culture
I let myself to be transported into and imaginary world of adventure, thrills and gastronomy at Fusionpolis. There's a one stop entertainment hub with themed restaurants and roof top fitness club. This vibrant environment promises to incubate and provide testbed facilities for next generation applications and services.

Being an early adopter of new technologies, Singapore has in place an extensive mobile communications ecosystem. The vision to become a Global Digital Studio, combining production and regional business activities, is fast becoming a reality.

"Imagine an environment bounded only by imagination; an environment where you can work, live play, learn and be inspired," a Fusionpolis spokesperson writes.

The recreational hub boasts lifestyle retailers, trendy specialty shops and a bookshop. It also houses and extensive supermarket spread over and area of 50,000 square feet. Bursting with artistic sensibilities, Fusionpolis Phase 1 is hosting to a 350-seater experimental theater for music and drama performances.

With its technological capabilities and global reach, Singapore is primed to become a world-class multimedia city, attracting creative talent, setting benchmarking standards and pioneering innovations in the ICM industry.

Where science meets business and arts

Great, sounds great, let's take a look at the specifics. Fusionpolis is a vibrant hotspot with world-class facilities for the infocom, science and media enterprises. Will this place be playground for the Creative, Innovative and Visionary?
  • Develop holistic solutions across the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) value chain

  • Expertise include mobile and wireless communications, networking, media, information technology, optical communications, fiber sensors, security, decision systems and applications
They think about Fusionpolis Phase 1, designed by the renowned architect Dr Kisho Kurokawa, as a place gathering leaders and innovators in the infocom and media industries, where "research institutes, multinational companies and start-ups work together in pioneering the development of products and solutions."

Key Shared Facilities
  • Conference rooms, and meeting and seminar rooms available on pay-per-use basis
Satellite Access
  • Provision of dedicated spaces for media companies to house satellite equipment for direct uplink and downlink
Enhanced Computing Power and Connectivity
  • Multi-million dollar IT infrastructure network to support intensive computing needs

  • Plug and play environment to facilitate quick start up

  • Connected virtually 24/7 to a high speed WiFi network
Innovative Office
  • Column free environment designed to optimize space usage
Wireless Life Style
  • Enjoy the benefits of working and living from chic and cozy serviced apartments

  • Business travelers can check into the tastefully furnished business hotel located just a stone's throw away

  • Fusionpolis truly captures the modern living in a global hub
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