Sunday, May 04, 2008

Amanda Congdon about to rocketboom again?

I remember Amanda Congdon, "arguably the first great female star of online video is back with a new show, Sometimesdaily," according to TechCrunch.

Rocketbook was a pioneer. I used to watch the shows but have almost forgot the page. She moved from New York to Hollywood. There was a personality clash with the Rocketboom site owner, I figure. What is boiling now?

TechCrunch writes May2, 2008: "Congdon, for those who aren’t familiar with her work, was the original host of Rocketboom who was fired in mysterious circumstances back in December 2006. Congdon appeared briefly in 2007 as a video blogger for ABC with the series “Amanda Accross America” until she parted company with ABC in September 2007."

I did look at some of the Amanda Across America, but forgot to visit the pages as well. What will happen to the new thing?

The new show is billed as “an off-beat, interactive variety show exploring life’s themes through the inquisitive eyes of Amanda Congdon.”

"It’s good to see her back, and she’s certainly looking healthy from the video above. I guess she didn’t want to appear in a future episode of online stars, where are they now or something similar," writes Duncan Riley in his blog post.

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