Sunday, April 20, 2008

The power of video an podcasts

I'm re-thinking The Power of video presentations. Since I began studying or “playing” with micromovies, things have really kicked into a new direction.

I have been a believer of video on-demand since the early 2000 and have truly felt that we still don't understand the true power of video.
  1. We did a number of small movies
  2. The material hasn't bee published yet on Internet
The Law of Attraction talks about holding something in my thoughts until I believe it to be true. I believe this to be the programming of the subconscious mind. Micromovies have been on my mind for several years. But I didn't do much to get into the details until recently.

The conscious mind is the active thinking part of the brain. The Subconscious mind is the part that works in the background automatically. Video on-demand has so many possibilities in business and knowledge transfer:
  1. Product presentations
  2. Sales seminars over the Internet
  3. Product training
  4. Applications
  5. User training
  6. FAQ
  7. User club and sharing
So I have began the programming of my subconscious. I am currently studying/ playing with various video streaming programs.
  1. Working with a structured on-demand training program
  2. Process break down
  3. Modularity
  4. Manuscript
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