Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Media is the Massage!

The essence of media in the future is not just content and not distribution, but relationships. The Web is actually proof of just how out of touch most designers are, I wrote 12/29/05 12:37 PM

Some of them, who have been considered great communicators and are now attempting to make micromovies and to get back into fashion news, does not even have a Web site. A blog? A podcast? I can't think of a designer who could succeed without having one.

What has changed since December 2005?

Not many designers have the time, what with the demands of collections, stores, magazines and dressing celebrities. A blog could help to communicate and to maintain the relationship.

Some have started, but the majority is still blogless and clueless about the benefits.

Some of them have great looking websites and web boutiques. But the challenge goes beyond e-commerce. In all the online and offline discussions about developments in technology - in particular, the creation of interrelated Web and television programming not many fashion companies are mentioned as a possible participant.

Yet with a great percentage of European households equipped with broadband - and millions of households having annual incomes greater than euro 75,000 - fasion, arts, design and luxury-goods companies can't afford not to think how they might use their visual knowledge to get involved.

Things have improved a lot since that.
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