Friday, April 25, 2008

manolotalks about film-making

Helge V. Keitel digitalvillages @manolotalks, I've an innovation for "supply chain management". Let's call it the RAP-music approach combined with content crowd sourcing.

I think we can produce "future film" and "documentary" through global collaboration. Small pieces of video can be delivered and collected to an educational film and whatever.

I got more information manolotalks from "The German Web 2.0 Documentary".

manolotalks: "Blogs are communication - the German Web2.0 documentary. Through (link) my attention was directed to the following documentary (German only) about the development of Web2.0 in Germany.

This movie gives an interesting insight on how a community developed over time and what the key actors think about it.

In my opinion this documentary is far away from drawing a pink, everything is easy world, it focus on critical and important aspects regarding startups.

Interesting is the opinion of Oliver Gassner (link) that blogs are a form of communication and that the term journalist derives from the term journal and consequently every blogger can be seen as a journalist and every weblog is some kind of a journal, because the original meaning of journal is diary."
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