Sunday, March 16, 2008

Visual Radio 2008

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Visual Radio information

Visual Radio information is intended to enhance traditional FM radio, by adding interactive content over the mobile phone network. Data can include images and text - supplying listeners with Visual Radio handsets with extra data including news, music, travel, sport and extras. We may expect the following:
  • Information on the song and artist currently playing on air
  • View images relating to presenters or news stories
  • See a weather map during the weather broadcast
  • Access news, weather and traffic alerts while songs are playing
  • Listen in to a talk show and see what has been discussed so far
  • Join in audience votes, Big Brother style
  • Participate in on-air competitions
Helge 2008: What has happened in three years time? Radio in a mobile phone isn't a big deal anymore. Sending images and video is yesterdays news. However, widespread use of the mobile phone as a working tool has escaped me. I'm still a laptop and computer man. I need an ergonomic keyboard and a large screen. The Steven Jobs proclaimed post-PC era hasn't become reality for me. The PC is my workhorse. The phone is still a phone only for me. But mobile broadband might end up being a very good way of adding more mobility to my working style.
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