Sunday, March 30, 2008

NewTek and Scoblizer

Sunday mornign and I have a look at a Scoblizer show: "NewTek's machines are used in TV studios around the world. Recently we toured San Antonio tech companies and NewTek's Senior Vice President of Strategic Development met us and demonstrated their newest technology: The TriCaster. This machine builds virtual sets for live TV and does a variety of other tasks. Really cool stuff that's changing the way TV is done (and is far cheaper than previous equipment)."

Linking to the NewTek Web page and reading the "About and Background" stuff:

Much of the desktop video revolution can be traced in the history of NewTek. Since founding NewTek in 1985, visionary Tim Jenison has led in the design of a series of ground-breaking products and continues to guide the company in pioneering innovative and affordable tools for computer-generated animation, video and film special effects.

Helge: It's exciting to see knowledgeable and passionate people speaking about new technology.

Since its inception, NewTek has been a driving force in pushing the edge of video and 3D graphics technology while redefining price/performance and ease of use. NewTek is perhaps best known in the film and video industry as the company that created the desktop video market segment in 1990 with the introduction of its wildly successful product, the Amiga Video Toaster®. In 1993, NewTek and its founder, Tim Jenison, were presented with an Emmy award for Technical Achievement for this revolutionary product.

Helge: Amiga yes, I remember...

In 2003, NewTek was again presented with an Emmy for LightWave 3D's seminal role in the revolution in CGI visual effects over the preceding decade. NewTek has built its success on the concept of providing powerful, intuitive products at prices that are very affordable. In late 2001, NewTek once again redefined video editing with the release of the powerful Video Toaster® [2], the next-generation Video Toaster® running on the Windows 2000 platform.

Helge: Visual effects, powerful, intuitive products at prices that are very affordable, at prices one tenth of traditional tv-technology.

Low-cost tools provided by NewTek have broadened the base of those who create film, broadcast quality video and graphics. Along the way, NewTek has developed a fanatically loyal customer base that continues to look to it for new and innovative products at unmatched prices.

Helge: Broadens the base of those who create film...

After more than a decade in Topeka, Kansas, the privately held company established new corporate headquarters in San Antonio, Texas in 1997, where it is easier to attract leading programmers, sales people and technical support staff. NewTek's new offices on the edge of the Texas Hill Country provide an engaging and challenging work environment, just a few miles down the road from the best BBQ in Texas.

Helge: San Antonio, Texas. Need to ask Connie Reece about the company.

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