Monday, March 31, 2008

Mobile broadband set to go mainstream - Computer Business Review

Mobile broadband set to go mainstream - Computer Business Review: "Mobile broadband set to go mainstream 31st March 2008 By Janine Milne Sales of cellphone data cards are set to quadruple in the next three years, threatening to make wi-fi hotpots as outmoded as public telephone boxes.

"The iPhone has proven that if the user experience is right, users will take advantage of mobile devices for internet sessions," said Richard Webb, directing analyst for WiMAX, WiFi and mobile at Infonetics Research.

Helge: I agree with the trend.

This dramatic growth is driven by the rollout of mobile broadband or High-Speed Download Packet Access HSDPA networks. Cheaper availability will mean more consumers will download MP3s, games or video clips to their mobile devices.

Helge: That's reality already.

"The mobile data services market is becoming more competitive, as mobile operators try to recoup their investments in 3G networks and drive up flattening ARPU. Currently, mobile data services are generally too expensive for mass market adoption, but that will change with the increasingly extensive rollout of high speed HSDPA, the launch of new data plans offering increased download limits, and better subsidies for mobile data cards," said Webb.

Helge: Huge growth of mobile services is around the corner!

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