Thursday, March 20, 2008

Google launches tool portal for nonprofits | The Social - CNET

Google launches tool portal for nonprofits | The Social - CNET About The Social | CNET's Caroline McCarthy is a downtown Manhattanite who believes that, despite popular opinion, the Web can actually help your social life.

Helge: The Social Web is not about blogs anymore. It's much more about being constantly connected and networking.

She's [Caroline] happily addicted to fun social media tools from Twitter to Yelp to Facebook, sends an inordinate number of text messages, and has a tendency to waste time at the office reading restaurant blogs.

Here, she explores all facets of the Web's gregarious side, as well as the unique tech culture in her home city of New York. (Don't call it Silicon Alley.)

Helge: Google is combining Social Media and Sustainable Transportation.

Last year Google launched an outreach program to help nonprofits take advantage of Google Earth. And Google runs a nonprofit of its own: the high-profile, which has in recent months earmarked $10 million for "sustainable transportation" development and launched a program that aims to use social-media tools for disaster relief.
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