Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama Gets Convincing Wins in 3 States - New York Times

Obama Gets Convincing Wins in 3 States - New York Times: "Senator Barack Obama won decisive victories over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington, Louisiana and Nebraska on Saturday, giving him an impressive sweep going into a month when the Democratic nominating contests are expected to favor him.

Mike Huckabee attended a rally Saturday at the University of Maryland. He later won the Republican caucuses in Kansas.

The successes come just as Mr. Obama is building a strong advantage over Mrs. Clinton in raising money, providing important fuel for the nominating contests ahead.

Still, the results were expected to do little to settle the muddle in the delegate race that resulted after the wave of contests last Tuesday in which the two candidates split up states from coast to coast."

Helge: The race is becoming interesting. What comes next?
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