Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pulp and Paper in Visual Radio

The majority of our research in the environmental area is conducted through research consortia, writes Professor Grant Allen.

University of Toronto Pulp and Paper Research teams have made significant advances in the application of biological gas cleaning, or biofiltration as it is commonly known, as a potential cost and energy efficient method for controlling the release of reduced sulphur compounds and volatile organic compounds.

In particular, they have demonstrated that thermophilic biological processes can be used to achieve treatment of hydrogen sulphide at reactor loadings up to 35 g/m
3 reactor/h and temperatures up to 70 oC.

This discovery has the potential to expand the operating temperature of these systems well beyond the traditional 40
oC so that they can be used for a range of air emissions in a kraft mill.

They have applied for a patent and are seeking to commercialize this invention in the coming year.

We're looking into Biotechnology and Microbiology research around the world. Visual Radio is trying to grasp new things. One of the key objectives is to apply the knowledge of social media can web 2.0 to problem solving in the process industry. Pulp and Paper is important for Finland. The TMBC mobile service will soon be presented here.

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