Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The user is the content | Meeting of Minds - Antwerp '07

Helge: We just became Twitter friends with Meeting of Minds from Antwerpen. At the same time I was looking at Loic Le Meur's presentation in Amsterdam about his new Seemic venture.

THE USER IS THE CONTENT | Meeting of Minds - Antwerp '07: "Recent changes in hard- and software have supported the way of using/reusing and creating/recreating information. For anyone who wants to do so, it is now possible to create, to publish online, to make her/his own video or music creation, and share all this with others on the Internet.

Helge: We are moving from written blogs towards Twitter like video conversations: fast, interactive, conversational...

Indeed technological developments empowered people to express themselves and allowed them to participate in projects and share creations on a much larger scale than before. They also transformed the business of content distribution since part of the users is no longer interested in the whole lot offered by for instance news papers or music labels, but in their own selection of it.

Helge: We can build global networks with a fraction of money.

What is the value of this content? What is the impact of it on traditional media and publishing? Will we evolve to a more flexible copyright system? What are the influences of nations/states/regions and other regulators of the online/mobile market? These issues will be discussed more deeply during a Meeting of Minds and will be challenged afterwards by the future scenarios presented."

Helge: Sharing! I don't mind if thousand people use my photos and pictures.

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