Saturday, November 24, 2007

This Could Be Next: New Product Development and Testing à la Digg « American Shelf Life

Helge: I know Amanda Mooney through Twitter. On her Flickr photos I see a reference to i5invest. I think that's the second time in a week I see the i5invest or Innovation. She writes a blog American Shelf Life. Seesmic is Loic LeMeur's video-twitter. I'd like to have time to produce videos and podcasts. That has to wait until next year. I've ideas and there are several practical applications I'd like to explore.

This Could Be Next: New Product Development and Testing à la Digg « American Shelf Life: "This Could Be Next: New Product Development and Testing à la Digg Posted on by amandamooney I would like to see more brands use Digg and similar platforms in the R+D process.

Invite consumers to engage the brand and its developers to see what product attributes might or might not attract them and fill their needs and wants. Seesmic allows any user to submit a feature request and gives other Seesmic users the ability to state through a Digg-like model which new features they’d like to see developed and which features they have little to no interest in.

A company could create its own Digg development account and upload product development options like…"

Helge: I've a Digg-account but didn't really get into Digg. What could I do with my Digg? Here is information about Amanda Mooney.

About Amanda Mooney

I am a senior undergraduate marketing communications student in Boston and currently serve as the social media coordinator at Schneider Associates, a consultant for Josef Mantl Communications, the U.S social media communications director for i5invest and help with PR support for the AFA and United Nations Sustainable Future Campaign.

I have recently served as a special agent for digital think tank, Undercurrent an intern for Ziggs and the president of the Public Relations Student Society of America at Emerson.

As a young professional and student of the Web, I work to learn about and engage the social media space to create meaningful, decentralized communication between clients, communities and users on the Web. I’d love to hear from you so feel free to contact me.

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