Saturday, October 06, 2007

Motivational Speaker - Craig Harper

Helge: I was listening to his video. There are plenty of them on his site. Apart from being a writer, exercise scientist, business owner and media commentator, Craig is also one of Australia's leading personal and professional development speakers.

Motivational Speaker - Craig Harper: "Welcome to Craig's site. This site is a blog site, which is kind of like Craig's classroom; random thoughts, observations and life lessons.

It is an educational and inspirational resource for people who are serious about creating their best life.

The cool thing about going to Craig's class is; the only travel you have to do is on the cyber-highway ... and the only school fees are 'the price of creating your own amazing life.'

If you're genuinely ready to change, and you want to move from mediocre to amazing, then pull up a seat, have an open mind, be prepared to get uncomfortable and start learning and doing.

Some of what Craig writes is motivational, some of it confronting and challenging and some, just plain silly. We all need some silly.

While it's still a work in progress, we're adding to the site daily, so check in regularly to see what we're up to.

If you have an hour (or three) to explore the articles section, you'll find a broad cross-section of subject matter, ranging from philosophy and flatulence, to nutrition and motivation.

Feel free to post a comment at the bottom of each of Craig's articles (posts) as we would love to hear your thoughts and so would our other readers. Enjoy."
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