Tuesday, October 02, 2007

!MAGINE 07 in Paris

!MAGINE 07: "CLICK HERE AND RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW Registrations will close at midnight on Monday 24th September.

Imagine a head-start on the next generation of interactive marketing. Imagine the industry’s brightest minds debating the ripples caused by technology, and the agency of the future.

Imagine multi-networked, multi-platform communication channels delivering integrated buisiness strategies. Imagine breaking the traditional media moulds to create ground-breaking, effective campaigns.

Now imagine yourself in Paris on October 1st and 2nd where we will be creating a platform for some of the industry’s brightest advertising and media minds. We’ll be looking at how Microsoft is unlocking the power of convergence in advertising, and how our brand and agency partners are making the most of emerging technologies.

!magine 07 will begin with a welcome reception and networking event at 8pm on Monday 1st October at Le Café de l’Homme. The main conference will run between 8.30am and 5pm on Tuesday 2nd October at Le Palais Des Congrès."
Hugh MacLeod
This is an ongoing event that this man is twittering about. gapingvoid This conference is both Americans and Europeans speakers, it seems. Ad agencies are CRITICAL" to digital advertising success, according to MSFT. gapingvoid @digitalvillages Yes. I'm here at Le Palais Des Congrès, twittering live.

Helge V. Keitel
digitalvillages @gapingvoid, are you participating in the event and twittering online from the Le Palais Des Congrès?
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