Monday, October 08, 2007

China is a big opportunity

I wrote this a year ago into another blog and now working with my channels and taking over old but relevant stuff to blogs that are focused on some specific subjects.

This text was about someone looking for entrepreneurs to help manage and grow China sourcing agent business.

The idea was promoted as an incredible home-based (or home based) business opportunity, but it wasn't about MLM (multi-level marketing).

There was a video. The message was about how build a business of helping American /European manufacturers connect with Chinese factories.
  • There is a gold rush (was the message a year ago)
  • Unique business proposal (I guess it's true today)
  • Too many people and companies need our help (They had a person in China)
  • How about splitting the profit?

The story continues. "Help! We are covered up with business. We have created a business opportunity for individuals who want their own home-based business."

China outsourcing is hot, and you can take advantage of it. No experience is necessary in this home-based business.

This message coincided with one of our customers starting to work with new opportunities in China.

They said, "We will teach you everything we know. Give you unlimited leads, and share the profits on every product we produce."

  • How to get into the middle of the opportunity
  • Position yourself
  • How to help them

This is a fantastic opportunity to truly achieve financial freedom. You can be your own boss, finally. This is a real business. Our extensive network of factories in China can manage the simplest or most sophisticated projects.

There is prospecting, but we don't even call it selling because American factory owners already know, even before you call, whether or not they need you. Check it out...then give me a call...personally.

  • This is a relationship business
  • China is moving full speed ahead
  • China is a big consumer
  • Growth is unprecedented
  • Take opportunity
  • Everybody has to produce
  • Shanghai
China is still a great opportunity. We think about means to work, collaborate and co-create.
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