Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bloggers Blog: How Much Are The Top Blogs Worth?

Helge: We do some blogging in this country as well. Small nations and languages have an disadvantage. It's very difficult to monetize on blogs. But it's nice to read that there is big money out there for some fellow bloggers.

Bloggers Blog: How Much Are The Top Blogs Worth?: "How Much Are The Top Blogs Worth? 24/7 Wall St has a post (hat tip Silicon Valley Insider) asking who is going to buy the big blogs. Take Huffington.

According to research firm Compete, it has an audience almost as large as the online version of the Philadelphia Inquirer. As a part of a larger newspaper organization like The New York Times (NYT) or Washington Post (WPO), that audience could probably be much bigger. NYT and WPO need a Huffington or two.

Their internet revenues are under 10% of their total and not growing fast enough to keep up with falling print sales. Huffington has raised $10 million in VC money. What is it worth? $100 million. Maybe more. Worth it for The Times or The Post. With the trouble that are in, yes. The big tech blogs are even larger than Huffington.

According to internet measurement service, TechCrunch has an audience about a third of CNet (CNET). And CNet is in bad shape. It's blog business has not caught on. In early 2006, its shares were $16. Now they trade at under $8. Do they need a way to improve their reach and image with the online tech crowd?"
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