Wednesday, October 17, 2007

28 Ways To Interpret A Photo | Epic Edits Weblog

28 Ways To Interpret A Photo | Epic Edits Weblog: "28 Ways To Interpret A Photo By Brian Auer | October 16, 2007 Edit My Photo On September 18th, I asked my fellow photographers to join me in an artistic experiment.

I wanted to see how a single photo could be interpreted by different people, and to do this I presented the test-subjects audience with an unprocessed photograph and asked them to “Edit My Photo“.

I knew that each participant would produce a different photo via post-processing, but how different was unknown. I must say that I’m shocked and amazed at the diversity and creativity of these results.

The photographs on this page clearly show the boundless possibilities of artistic interpretation, and it all spawned from a single image."
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