Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rapid Fire Reviews of Hot Technology — TechFires

Rapid Fire Reviews of Hot Technology — TechFires: "If you are a closet Parrot Head such as myself and have yet to stumble across Radio Margaritaville, you are in for a treat. I’ve been enjoying this trip down beach bum lane for a good while now.

The format for this online station includes some great concerts and album replays of Jimmy Buffett. In addition, you will hear the likes of Paul Simon, Bob Marley, James Taylor and many other greats.

I cut my guitar playing teeth on Jimmy’s music and enjoy kicking back to some great tunes reaching back several decades. Refresh yourself with a nice cool glass of Jimmy’s music, just remember to sip it slowly. Powered by ScribeFire."


Picture of MeTechFires.com is published by Phil Stolle who authors ThoughtSparks.net. For more information on Phil Check-out his profile page at: Thoughtsparks.net/about-phil/.

TechFires.com posts discoveries of new technology with screenshots, short commentary and links-out to the appropriate sites. Think of it as your tech search assistant.

Helge: Got this information through Profy StumbleUpon: "Rapid Fire Reviews of Hot Technology &8212; TechFires: The most hot and useful..."

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