Sunday, September 23, 2007

NEW XtremeMac MicroMemo White voice recorder for ipod

NEW XtremeMac MicroMemo White voice recorder for ipod: "NEW XtremeMac MicroMemo White voice recorder for ipod BRAND NEW XtremeMac iPod Video 2G MicroMemo White Digital Voice Recorder Turn your iPod into a portable recording studio.

No tapes, no batteries, no cables. MicroMemo plugs into your iPod to record interviews, meetings, lectures, or any audio content directly to youriPod. Capture audio using the flexible, detachable mic—or another type of microphone with a 3.5mm-plug, like our MemoMic lapel microphone or a stereoor condenser mic.

MicroMemo also records directlyfrom a computer or soundboard via line-in capabilities. Recording time is displayed on your iPodscreen in real-time, and the built-in speaker allows you to listen to your recordings instantly. Managing recordings is easy too: your recordings are saved as files that import into iTunes at CD-quality.

From there, you can edit the audio in programs like Garage Band, or import as a soundtrack to a home movie, slideshow or presentation. MicroMemo plugs seamlessly into your iPod and comes in both black and white to match it perfectly. So go ahead, record like a pro with MicroMemo - the 2006 Best Audio Recorder award winner from iLounge."
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