Thursday, September 13, 2007

Election 2008 - Gather for the People

Helge: Social media will play a great role in US presidential campaign 2008.

Election 2008 - Gather for the People: "The social community just announced the launch of a political discussion and a national search for a 'People's Press Corps'. Election 2008 on Gather will engage voting adults into political discussions on vital issues of the upcoming election.

Seven of the presidential candidates have already committed to creating groups within the Gather community and Gather's special demographics may prove interesting for voters and candidates alike.

A recent poll of the community revealed that 98.8 percent of members plan to vote in the 2008 presidential election. Gather at a Glance A cross section of the community would appear highly educated, engaged and informed about current events and world issues.

Unlike most social media sites Gather's members are of a somewhat older demographic with more experience in life and in voting according to the site's press release and about pages. The following is a breakdown of a piece of the Gather demographic:
  • 46% male, 54% female
  • 73% of audience 30-59 years old; median and mean age 42
  • 72% college educated or higher (3X national norm)
  • 86.3% of audience has $50K+ household income
  • 20% of audience has $100K+ household income
  • 77% own a home"
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